Some recent drama in the close knit communities of Bassnectar(Lorin Ashton) and Pretty Lights(Derek Vincent Smith) seems to have stemmed from a misunderstanding. River Beats, a publication based in New Orleans, posted an article on the latter artists’ plans to create a community movement with his label. Upon reading a criticism Ashton made of the article’s wording, some fans mistook his message as a dig at Smith’s idea:

Misunderstanding or not, some of the comments made about Bassnectar were a bit harsher than necessary. Driven to respond to individuals on the internet attacking him in social media, Ashton took to Twitter to make his stance clear on being insulted:

The relatively unfiltered tweet seemed harsh, and in all honesty seems a bit contradictory to the tweets to follow. Regardless, Ashton passes along useful advice to those who may experience attacks like this:

Lesson learned. By the looks of it, both communities are un-doing the misunderstanding, too:

Now that all the drama’s out of the way, you should seriously read about Pretty Lights’ Community Movement on River Beats.

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