Okeechobee is taking a unique stand in response to a common issue at festivals: they’re clearing the rail after every set. The announcement came in response to a Twitter user’s question this week and it may dismay fans who want to get a good spot for a later set. Most of those who do this devoutly follow Bassnectar, so it would be reasonable to expect a rebuttal of some sort from anyone who disagrees, or at least chaos on the first day while the system and its rules are established. Whatever the case, this will give fans a much easier opportunity to see their favorite artists up close and personal. At the moment the only festival that tried this out was Bonnaroo, where a line is formed to get a spot at the rail. At the moment it’s unclear how Okeechobee plans to implement their policy, but they may be inclined to take notes from a major festival’s book.

Okeechobee takes place in 20 days in Florida. Check back for updates on the policy.

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