A big reason people love Lorin “Bassnectar” Ashton is that he is genuine and upfront about how he feels. His latest exchange on Twitter proves just how unfiltered he can get. The spark to the e-fire was Ashton’s brief message this last Saturday: he said “Jesus hates Republicans” while retweeting a message for people to vote. One fan, in particular, was not happy with it: 


Ashton’s lack of fucks made sense to all of his longtime fans. For those new to his thoughts, he clarified his stance again a little later:

People are bound to disagree on the style in which Ashton communicates his views, but his consistency and audacity makes for good conversations.

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7 Responses

  1. D

    Except his views aren’t what set people off. It was him bullying the individual that really set people off

  2. Anonymous

    Lorin is a fraud who brainwashes his followers. Fuck this pussy he’s washed up.

  3. Kyle Southwick

    So religion is a joke but gives the basis for his argument as ‘Jesus told him’. Smh.

  4. Jessica

    Anyone selling their tickets bc someone exercised their freedom of speach?
    If so, send them my way. Talk about snowflakes lol

  5. Joe

    Love you Bass, finally someone has the guts to call out these hypochristians who put predjudice and religious freedom before civility and human decency. Love you forever Bass.

  6. Kyle McManus

    Telling people hate bassed on religion is wrong is not hate get outta her with this bull shit title. I’m personally at the same point I’d someone attacks any one I care about or anyone at all because they are different they can go to their fake hell.


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