Out of nowhere, Kaytranada uploaded not one, but FOUR new tracks on his SoundCloud. Strangely enough, the eclectic producer only tweeted out two of them. “THE NIGHT IS ON MY MIND” leads the pack with its raw vibes funk-filled bassline and a flurry of vocal samples.  A shameless rework of Sade’s Kiss of Life continues the momentum, incorporating some choice percussion and drums with infectious chords that give the legendary vocalist’s voice a fresh backdrop. The last pair of tracks are both given unique, similar titles that we can only assume are dates the projects were started; 03 19 weighs in at about a minute and a half, featuring a mysterious sounding, slower beat with an almost theremin-like lead. The next is 04 27: a two and a half minute trip through some smooth sounding chords and fun synth play. All in all, the set of songs is an incredibly pleasant surprise. It doesn’t look like many clues were given out in addition to these tracks, but let’s hope this is a sneak peek into a bigger package! 

Check out all the tracks via Soundcloud below.

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