If you’re wondering why techno Pioneer Kevin Saunderson suddenly showed up on the official Batman universe Wiki, the reason is quite simple and rather exciting. He and Patrick Topping’s track “Frisk” is a prominent fixture of a clubbing scene in the new Batman Movie. This is only one of several electronic productions to make the DC movie’s soundtrack. Other contributions include tracks from Alesso, Bauuer and two productions from Peggy Gou.

Saunderson and Topping’s track takes place in a venue called the “Iceberg Lounge,” which is the legendary Printworks Nightclub in London but in the film, it serves as the home base for the series villain the Penguin. While there are more classical and Opera tracks guiding the story of this new movie forward, it’s great to see varying styles of Dance Music represented as well.

Check out The Batman movie in theaters now to immerse yourself in the action and check out the full tracklist of the soundtrack here.

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