A read of how Electronic Musicians known as Above & Beyond conceived their newest single “Tightrope” is enough to help you understand that these three individual talents create original music in an organic fashion. We’ve been lucky enough to only have to wait for a short two years and change for another full album from them, and their latest release with Marty Longstaff is the first of many to see the light of day before the yet-untitled album’s official debut.

Tony McGuinness had time to speak to The Irish News about the new project and provided some insight into the process. “[Making the album is] one of those things where the first 90 per cent takes half the time and then the last 10 per cent takes half the time,” he says. “I think we’re in that latter stage now. I’m in the studio this week and we’re hoping to get it finished by the autumn for release next year. We’ll be putting out a few tracks before then though.”

“Much to our joy, I think what we’ve discovered is that the kind of music we like to make as Above & Beyond is the kind of music that people like to listen to from us. Provided the songs are heartfelt and emotional and tinged with sadness then we can do almost whatever we want with our music, which is terribly liberating. So, as long as people like listening to what we do we’re more than happy to keep writing and recording it.”

Above & Beyond are set to play at the Gorge Amphitheater near Seattle, WA for the celebration of ABGT episode 250, the landmark 700th radio show they’ve done. Considering these shows always include brand new material, we know for a fact that the live experience- and the stream for those who can’t make it- will be worth it to check out.

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