Above and Beyond are getting ready as we speak for their biggest LA show to date to kick off their Common Ground Tour. Fans are going crazy with excitement to get into the venue and experience the trio’s newest group therapy session come to life. Before you go charging into the venue, though, keep in mind this venue is one of the biggest in LA and as such has plenty of restricted items on its list. The LACC tweeted out a list of items that can be found here. The form is also available in PDF to send your friends!


In terms of who’s going on when Above and Beyond tweeted out that info themselves. Doors open at 6:30 for those who want to make sure they hear the very first kick drum of Spencer Brown’s opening set at 7. at 8, Grum takes to the decks to liven up the place even further with his unique brand of progressive house. Next up, returning label veterans Gabriel and Dresden come on from 9-10. After all that, Above and Beyond’s special three-hour set will be going on until 1AM. We’re more excited than ever to see LA get more time than the group even played at their own 250th Group Therapy Radio show.

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