With their acoustic project’s second album well established, Above & Beyond can safely say that they have no regrets in making the move to strip down their electronic productions to play in the world’s most famous venues. The trailer for their second documentary regarding the project “Giving Up the Day Job” starts off with clips from the trio’s identity as DJs; shots of captive crowds under neon lights are contrasted with shots of the three traveling nonstop from gig to gig. The trailer then asks what would happen if this very lifestyle was switched up with something very different, showing shots of the group rehearsing on the piano, guitar, and with an orchestra behind them. This movie looks to have more interviews from different individuals, meaning several perspectives on the project will be shared.

We’re really excited for the world to see what only a select few lucky folks for to witness at the Gorge September this year.

“The acoustic project was a huge undertaking for us but the end result was massively rewarding. We look forward to collaborating with Abramorama on the release of the film and sharing our acoustic experience with fans around the world.”

Check out the preview below!

See Above & Beyond at both the Los Angeles Convention Center and Exchange LA this weekend!

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