San Bernadino County needed three votes in favor of ending electronic events in San Manuel Amphitheater. Though the vote was two to one, the measure did not come to pass. This is great news for Insomniac Events, the thousands of fans who love attending festivals in that venue to escape “normal” life, and the nearby businesses that thrive over these weekends, which a number of local business representatives, including a hotel manager and restaurant owner, said ending the raves would have a significant impact on their businesses and workers. Despite this success, there is a new consideration process taking place to end the shows at 11PM instead of at 2AM, this comes coupled with the proposal of forming a task force to investigate and study safety at EDM festivals at this venue.

Matt Prieshoff, chief operating officer for Live Nation in California, which organizes the concerts, told the supervisors Tuesday that the festivals bring large amounts of money to Sab Bernardino County and local business and give jobs to local workers. He said the company is committed to improving traffic and mitigating sound problems.

In addition to voting unanimously to begin negotiating with Live Nation to end the festival nights at 11 p.m. rather than 2 a.m., the supervisors also voted to begin the process of creating a task force to study the safety and impact of events at the amphitheater.


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