We know many a person who can’t get enough house music in their lives, thus being drawn like magnets to the Upside Down House at EDC. If you were there to see San Francisco’s 219 Boys play a set, you were treated to an exclusive slice of history.

Poised to succeed with their newfound position as Discovery Project Alumni after opening for such acts as Motez and Disclosure among others, Elric Wiebel and Scott Holland have a new cut they’ve created for their DJ sets entitled Check Mate, out today for everyone’s enjoyment. With its precise wubs and funky vocal samples leading the charge of the intricate drum patterns embedded within it, this is a great follow up to their release on the prestigious Nightbass label and a signal to follow any and all future endevour these guys make.

You can grab the track as a free download here and read Insomniac’s exclusive interview on their website.


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