The best city for electronic music can’t just be the place where every artist plays or aspires to play; in order to truly look at what cities are truly the best, Billboard took the historical quality of these cities into consideration as well. Chicago and Detroit were the obvious top choices in this context, with Berlin catching the tail end as well. Some newer Meccas for dance music LA and Las Vegas hit the bottom of the list, with Paris tacking on thanks to the French Techno legends that have risen out of that city. Read the full list on Billboard.

Top 15 Greatest Dance Music Cities of All Time:

15. Montreal
14. Paris
13. Buenos Aires
12. São Paulo
11. Barcelona
10. Miami
9. Los Angeles
8. Amsterdam
7. Las Vegas
6. London
5. New York City
4. Ibiza
3. Berlin
2. Detroit
1. Chicago


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