Though Burning Man takes place well after the U.S. social distancing guidelines are well over with, their impacted onside date fast approaches. The organizers hopped on Twitter to formally announce they would be postponing their original on-sale date of April 8. Registration will also be postponed. As with every festival affected, immediate answers on contingency plans will come with news of the pandemic and whether it continues or worsens here and around the world. They explained where ticket money goes in their statement on the website:

“The vast majority of ticket revenue is spent producing Black Rock City. Some of our largest expenses include staffing, fees paid to the federal, state and local government agencies, heavy equipment rental, and porta-potties (for more details check out this pie chart of expenses). That said, in 2012 the Burning Man Project nonprofit organization was established to make Burning Man experiences and values accessible to more people, in more places, more of the time. We are bringing the inspiration, creativity, inclusion, and yes, some of the funds, from Black Rock City out into the world. For more about Burning Man Project’s nonprofit programs and finances, check out our Annual IRS Form 990, more FAQ’s from previous 990’s, and our Annual Report”

It would be a blow to the community and a sign the COVID-19 outbreak is worse than we all could have anticipated. By delaying ticket sales, any future burners who need to save money for emergencies are supported.

As it currently stands, burning man is slated to happen on August 30th through September 7th. Stay tuned to the official website for updates.


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