Calvin Harris seems to think of Headliner years like dog years. In a recent interview, the highest paid DJ in the world told Boogie & Arlene radio show and that he felt too old to tour.

With the release of his latest single “Promises,” a natural question addressed the comparison between his life sitting solo in a studio vs playing the finished product to thousands of people a night. “I’ve done tours before but for me, I think my personal strength is in the studio — It’s what I enjoy the most, he says. “But a tour? No way. I can’t do tours anymore. I’m too old.” We certainly don’t think he’s a fossil in the age of several globetrotting acts his age(or much older), but “old” can mean several things in relation to the clubbing world. Either way, he didn’t necessarily say he was going to STOP…so the world is safe.

Carl Cox is 56, David Guetta is 50, Tiesto is 49, Kaskade is 47, Laidback Luke is 41, and Steve Aoki is only 40 and still throwing cakes. So this “I’m Too Old” thing is honestly BS, in our opinion.

But for those that are waiting to see him back on tour, he’s always playing Las Vegas at OMNIA Nightclub so catch him there or don’t catch him at all.

Check out the full interview below.

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