The story continues between how ethical is it for tour managers to receive donations in exchange for mixes and original works of art with the goal being to support these tour managers and staff that are not working during this season. The opposing side criticized this movement for a number of reasons but the largest being that these tour managers not only carry a steep price for their services but work for high-level artists who are assumed to be more than capable of being able to give back to their staff. Instead, some of these artists took to social media to ask fans to donate to this cause. One of the loudest voices online to be against this movement was John Askew. Carl Cox and other high profile DJs were part of the group that were “called out”. Now, they are speaking out to respond to these criticisms.

Carl Cox and Joseph Capriati are the first to respond to Askew’s post with the following:

And then we have Joseph Capriati’s side which seems to be more receptive to online readers vs Cox’s post which still faced some backlash.

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