Gareth Emery is the first of what may be a growing population of DJs to start charging for their livestreams. In place of his Decade tour, he’s doing a two and a half-hour set from his pool on Friday, May 8th playing nothing but his classics from 2010 – 2020. The set will cost $10 to anyone who did not already purchase tickets to his tour od the same name. The money will not just be going to Emery; money is sent to those who helped with the production of the show.

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ANNOUNCING THE DECADE CONCERT. A 2.5 hour set of all of my classics from the last ten years broadcast across the world. I’m so fucking excited about this one. I planned to tour North America with this show but for obvious reasons that hasn’t happened, but I still want to play this set, and all these records that I’ve got so many special memories for. But, I didn’t just want to do a stream from my bedroom. This tour was going to be fucking special – the culmination of my life’s work – and even if we’ve got to do it online, I want to make this fucking special too. So, we’ve got lasers, smoke, multiple cameras, and we’re gonna be broadcasting from my pool (fortunately, I have tolerant neighbors who like a bit of a rave themselves, haha). It’s going to be cool as fuck. This is gonna be one to get your friends signed up to, fire up Zoom, get the drinks in, lights, and turn the living room into a nightclub. This is a pay-per-view stream. However, anyone who bought a ticket to the original Decade tour will ​get​ free entry – even if you refunded your tickets. Email [email protected] with your receipt and we’ll get you sorted. For everyone else, it’s $10 to join us. This is necessary to cover the cost of the production which is going to be ridiculous. If I’m honest, we’ll have more production for the stream than the actual tour was going to have. After the first broadcast, we’ll have two replays – one for Europe and one for Australia / Asia. I’ll be joining in the chat for both the replays but not for the main broadcast (obvs). One ticket allows you to watch any of the three broadcasts (all, indeed, all of them if you want). BROADCAST: Friday May 8th, 9PM EST, 6PM PST REPLAY EUROPE: Saturday May 9th, 8PM UK, 9PM CET REPLAY ASIA & AUSTRALIA: Sunday May 10th, 6PM AEST (UTC +10) Capacity limited to 1,000 tickets. Let me know if you’re going to be joining us! Seeing all these cancelled gigs has been hard as fuck, but I’m excited to try a new model. I hope you’ll join us. Link in bio. Gaz #GEDecade #garethemery #classics #trance #livestream

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