Counselor Claude has been scouring the coast in search of new land, and Campers are in for a treat like only DIRTYBIRD can provide for the third annual Campout. His search for a new home has sent him every which way, from the hilltops of the North to the valleys of the South, and today he is ready to reveal the upgraded nest for Campout’s 2017 edition.

DIRTYBIRD Campout 2017 will touch down on the San Antonio Campgrounds in Bradley, California, which offers an authentic summer camp setting for outrageous games and dance floor shenanigans alike. Campers will find themselves trekking deep into the forest in search of hidden surprises, scouting wildlife through the sprawling hills, shaking it down to their favorite DJs on expanded dancefloors or even just catching some z’s at their shady wooded campsites.

The new and improved location will also make it easier than ever for Northern California Campers to attend, with the venue located smack-dab in the middle of DIRTYBIRD’s dual homes of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Last year, Dirtybird Campout delivered more than 50 activities– and that’s just off the dancefloor– from arts and crafts to boat races, sack races to archery, talent shows to kick ball, late-night karaoke to the raciest game of Musical Chairs around. With inhibitions left at the gates and sights set on winning the Iron Bird Championship, Campers spent their days getting pegged with dodgeballs by Christian Martin, catching comedy with Counselor Claude, chowing down on cheesy pies with Justin Martin, sinking cornholes with Ardalan and, of course, tearing up the dance floor to the strains of electronic music’s finest.

Earlybird Flash Sale Saturday June 24 at 10am PST – Limited Quantities Available

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