A father who’s son died in 2015’s EDC is suing the company for an alleged lack of medical support following this year’s festival. The 24-year-old Nicholas Tom died of drug and heat related issues, having a seizure and foaming at the mouth. According to the father, there was only inexperienced medical staff at the tent, with all qualified medics too busy to treat his son’s condition. Tom passed away on the medical tent floor.

Insomniac is being sued for wrongful death and negligence, and even though what happened is tragic, the charge itself may be difficult to argue. Insomniac prides itself on having a slew of medical staff on site, with a multitude of volunteers also helping to identify issues and take care of their attendees. In describing the resources at the 2016 EDC, a Reddit user compared Insomniac’s medical staffing to HARD Summer’s and detailed all of the equipment that EDC typically has on site to treat drug-related issues:

All medics and EMTs carried a jump bag with supplies and drugs. For instance, a drug called Versed can stop seizures (something that I saw quite often this weekend). Also, at EDC we had 3 medical tents: Main medical, right medical, and left medical. Each place, had IV supplies, TONS of bags of fluid for us to give IVs and drugs, and other necessities. I would have people walk into me, I would give them an IV, they feel better, and walk out and go enjoy the show.

In the wake of another recent death at the festival this year, though, it may be difficult for the company to make their argument. More on this lawsuit to come.

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