Forthcoming on March 23rd is a very special, mind-bending album from multi-instrumentalist, Gem FM. The brainchild of James Freeman, Con Fusion is a 10-track album that spans across genres. Something you would probably hear opening up a Phish concert, Gem FM’s goal is to make you dance while melting your brain away from worldly distractions. An all out jam, there’s absolutely no confusion in Con Fusion. Combing elements of rock with electronic music, you get a restless sense of nonstop dancing.

The thought here is to figure out what it is that you’re really supposed to be doing and get the job done. Do your own thing and polish it until people notice. And you can dance.” Gem FM on the single Bake the Cake. 

It’s been quite the journey for James Freeman musically speaking since becoming Gem FM. From high school marching band to cover country rock bands, you could say that the man has done it all. Gem FM is the culmination of all this man’s experience all wrapped up into an album that he can truly be proud of.

Until Con Fusion drops, please enjoy Let’s Dance down below.

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