Even after sustaining several hits to their reputation because of it, Uber continues forward with a surge pricing policy that leaves some customers with a bill of over $100. This last weekend at Coachella, the Ridesharing service hosted their own lounge to pick up guests and help them as efficiently as they could at a music festival. Sadly, the post- ride notification many received on their phones contained a charge equal to more than 1/4th of the ticket price due to seven times surge pricing.

“There were so many people just crushed up against the fence, and these poor Uber staffers were like, ‘Everyone just needs to back up until you have a car.’ We just pushed our way to the front and showed them my phone like, ‘We have one! We have one!’”

At this point, it would be safe to assume that this policy from the ridesharing service will remain unchanged; while some may be okay with the high cost for a high demand service, outlets like LA Weekly have provided alternate solutions. They list other ways to get a ride back to your post-festival pad in their article on this subject. Read more here.

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