“Spontaneity & Synchronicity” isn’t just a great term for its alliteration; it’s the centerpiece of Richie Hawtin’s new live electronic show “CLOSE.” Debuting it at Coachella this past weekend, the inventive DJ/Producer was destined to bring innovation to his performance, having performed at the very first Coachella in 1999. CLOSE entails not only a new visual experience but a DJ setup that allows Hawtin the ability to move around like a real human.

He expressed his need to be different in a recent interview with the LA Times: “If I came from outer space and I saw a DJ playing, I would actually think that DJs are a strange breed of humans that only have a torso and head.” Hawtin’s new stage setup has him moving around and manipulating sounds in a way that represents the way real humans move around. The video of the performance demonstrates this perfectly, also showcasing the visual manipulation Hawtin applied using his custom setup. Looking towards the future is Richie Hawtin’s bread and butter: the best way to check out these innovations in action is by checking out the Mojave tent the next time he plays or making a mission to Movement Festival in Detroit. More info on where CLOSE is going may come soon…we certainly hope so, anyway. Stream his Coachella set down below before it gets taken down!

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