Porter Robinson and Madeon’s Shelter Tour was u forgettable. “Worlds: The Movie” is now just one of two way to relive the experience of the two geniuses live. Now, Huntroxic has shared another concert film for The Shelter Live Tour, solely using audio and visuals remakes produced by fans.

The movie is the next best thing to being there as if you were the fan holding the camera. With huge support from his last YouTube movies, fans really helped in putting it all together.
“With the hundreds and hundreds of hours each of us put in there’s a very distinctly noticeable improvement from the Worlds movie in literally every aspect I would say.”

The fan-made movie is dedicated to those who didn’t get the chance to experience the amazing live your, and it’s all because everyone worked together to create a masterpiece.

Producer & Editor: Huntroxic
Audio Producer: Porter Robinson, Madeon, Huntroxic, Thedialol, Kyllian, JC Music, Weldeon, Wolfen X, Michael Keefe, N3HL, Skylimit, Mushroomizer, Orlo, Biansci, BradyB, Ryguytoo, McMania332, Ferret, Straytide, Shrubpig
Visual Recreation: LostDexter, Huntroxic
Filmers: (See Credits)

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