Turning your clocks back a year will land you in a history-making day for artists who want to make their dreams a reality. This specific dream- the official music video for Shelter- is an incredible audiovisual vignette conceptualized by Porter Robinson. The story of a girl living through a perfect yet lonely and artificial virtual reality by her loving father is told through the stylistic lens of Anime and is the result of an unheard of collaboration between Robinson and Japanese production company A1 Pictures. Crunchyroll, effectively the Netflix of Anime, helped the producer meet with the staff of A1 at Anime Expo and started a relationship that had Robinson in Japan about eight times to see the project through. This should serve to inspire anyone who has a concrete idea that involves multiple parties to just jump in with both feet into the inception process…you never know who will answer your call to make that happen.

Watch the full behind the scenes video below.

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