The lineup for Coachella 2017 just dropped and everyone’s gone crazy. One person, in particular, might just be crazy without even seeing the lineup. People take many stakes when it comes to a ticket to Coachella, let alone a VIP ticket, but how far would someone really go? How about a road trip with a strange 56-year-old man you’ve never met who just quit his job at Souplantation and just divorced his wife of 11 years! This man goes by the name of Gordon and he placed an ad on Craigslist that pretty blatantly says he’s looking for a girl between the ages of 19-25 to be his “travel companion” to Coachella with a VIP pass, but only under a few circumstances… If that didn’t sound creepy already, it gets worse. Like an application looking for the right candidate, or “the one,” he lists criteria the “applicant” needs to go by, and it’s just plain weird. All this ad does is scream “DANGER!” If that doesn’t already freak you out read the rest of the ad below, including the image of the RV he will be accompanied by and the list of necessities.


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