What do marijuana and Coachella have in common? Well, this year Coachella attendees will have the chance to experience a “marijuana oasis.” Although Coachella prohibits all drug use on site, mobile marijuana app, Weedmaps, has just changed the game. The app partnered up with marketing firm Talent Resources to offer VIP guests a smoke sesh like no other, only 6 miles away from the Polo Fields.

The compound is a weed lovers dream. The setup will include two grow houses, a greenhouse, and five geodesic domes to test different strains from various retailers, edibles, vaping gadgets (please stop), and of course, good old Mary Jane. Rumor has it that the products will be provided free of charge by top brands including, GenX, Brass Knuckles, and West Coast Cure.

We’re on the way to legalization in California, and this is a huge stride in the merging of both music festivals and marijuana.

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