The effects of COVID-19 continue to sweep the economy, but a special group of workers of a cancelled Coachella festival feel the biggest brunt. Time profiled a married couple who immediately lost $20,000 to $25,000 because of the event’s cancellation. Ricardo Osuna and his wife own maintenance, construction and cleaning companies who make a large sum of their annual salary in the Month of April.

“There aren’t any reservations for any people coming in, and no repairs needed. It’s kind of scary,” he told TIME in a phone interview. “This is how we make our living.”

This family owns many small businesses who profit from the attendance at Coachella; several local businesses in Southern California will lose revenue from the thousands of attendees looking to buy for or other essential supplies for this special spring weekend. If the loss is anything equal to or greater than the $400 million impact that was measured in 2017, than these businesses are at a huge risk fo funds before the newly scheduled Fall Coachella. The CDC is currently banning all large social gatherings for 90 days, which just hits the cutoff time for some events like EDC. With the cancellation of those shows, there’s a chance for even more problems in the country’s economy.


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