Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Reimer is making his dance music debut with his eclectic EP, Exodus. The two-track EP features two completely different sides to the Reimer project. The first self-titled track offers listeners a euphoric listening experience that pays homage to the anthem house side to the Reimer project. Drawing energy and styles from figures like Third Party, ‘Exodus’ sounds a tune you would hear dropping at the Circuit Grounds or Kinetic Field at the Electric Daisy Carnival. Pure energy and hands in the air type of vibes.

‘Woodsman’ takes listeners down a completely deeper and darker road that shows a completely different side to the Reimer project. The two songs do seem to be a yin and yang of the same chords. ‘Exodus’ focuses on the lighter energies of Reimer, while ‘Woodsman’ takes the darker approach.

The mind behind Reimer is still unknown, although, from what we can gather is a solo male project that is attempting to fill a creative void that he believes EDM is missing. There’s still some work to be down after this initial release if he truly wishes to break through artistically. Check the EP down below!

Purchase ‘Exodus’ on Beatport.

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