Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella, formally known in dance music as ARMNHMR, had quite the scores last year. From opening to one of their largest crowd for the Chainsmokers to reaching a landmark goal of signing with Circle Talent Agency, 2016 was celebrated by the LA-based duo as massive year of accomplishments. 2017 has been no exception either. ARMNHMR will play both weekends of Coachella at the rowdy Heineken House, one of which as supporting talent of NGHTMARE & Slander presents Gud Vibrations showcase. Check out our recent interview with ARMNHMR down below!

GDE: 2016 was a huge year for your dance music project, ARMNHMR, would either of you like to reflect on your most memorable moments?

 Joseph Abella: I’d have to say our Nashville show opening for the Chainsmokers last October. It was the biggest crowd we’ve ever played for. It was also the first time I had heard our “Inside Out” remix played live by Alex and Drew. It was all surreal!

Joseph Chung: For me, the most memorable moment was getting signed to Circle Talent Agency. Every up and comer strives to get to a point where they don’t have to be a pseudo-artist/dj/businessman and the signing really helped us focus on what’s most important – the music.

GDE: How does it feel to be a part of Heineken House Coachella this year?

ARMNHMR: Being on any festival lineup is surreal for us as Joseph and I are pretty much considered “rookies”. Also, this year’s Heineken House lineup is so f**king dope. We got the future bass, the dubstep and even the hip-hop, like wtf!

GDE: Can you both describe how much of an impact dance music has had on your lives?

Joseph Abella: Where I do even begin? I can write a book about how much dance music has impacted my life. It’s given us a job! I mean we get to wake up, make music, and travel the world. It’s helped us so much, we just want to give back to it.

Joseph Chung: Honestly, music is my life. I was born into it – surrounded by family members that all dabble in that spectrum so without it I don’t think I would be able to function.

GDE: Aside from your original productions, what have been your favorite songs to remix?

Joseph Abella: If I had to choose…I would have to say our Remix of Rustie’s “Beautiful” because it was our first attempt at tackling future bass. I’d say that’s what started it all!

Joseph Chung: Easily ‘Inside Out’. Joseph and I consider that song to be the song that really changed everything for us. Alex and Drew were kind enough to really support the song at almost every show they played.

GDE: ARMNHMR has quite the discography of original content on Soundcloud, can fans expect an album in the near future?

ARMNHMR: We might have an EP by the end of the year 😉 but we’re currently focusing on singles. 110% an album will happen.

GDE: Do you have any special shout outs or closing words for the fans?

ARMNHMR: Just really want to say thank you not only to our friends but our supporters. I think what really differentiates ARMNHMR is that we represent a group that rarely gets the opportunity to stand in front of the public media and do what we get to do. We want all Asians and Asian-Americans to know that anything is possible.

This interview was conducted by Johnathan Wan ([email protected])

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