There are a few out of many that hold the kind of recognition that Dave Seaman does. DJ, producer, label head of multiple imprints, and a former editor of Mixmag, Dave is a celebrated artist in the dance music scene and a legend that has helped the industry and underground music develop into what it is today. We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with man himself before his 4AM set at this past weekends Desert Hearts Spring Festival.

GDE: So what have you been up to recently? You’ve been touring around North America which has been a recent thing for you.

Dave Seaman: Yeah, this will be my ninth date in North America this month. I’ve been going back and forth between the UK, and you’ve caught me in between tour dates. I’ve been to San Diego, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, and I did 3 days for Miami Music week that included Rapture Music Festival and now I’m at Desert Hearts.

GDE: What kind of new music have you incorporated into your recent DJ sets?

Dave Seaman: We’ve got a lot of stuff coming out of the new label. I started Selador Records 4 years ago, almost exactly, the first release came out around early April 2013. It’s been a major part of what I’ve been playing, I just got done doing a collaboration with Lee Van Dowski and a load of other remixes and new music lined up.

GDE: You started Selador Recordings with your good friend Steve Parry right, how’d that come about?

Dave Seaman: Yeah, I was running Audio Therapy for a while. During that time, we also had two distribution companies go bankrupt on us owing us lots of money which left us in a very difficult financial situation. Couple that with the industry transition from a vinyl focus to digital meant we weren’t making half as much as when we were running physical product. So, the team and I decided we had to lay it all to rest. I took a break in between then and it only took 6 months for me to realize that I really missed running a label. I was speaking to Steve on the phone about it one day, being good friends and all, and we just decided to do one together. In just another 6 months we had Selador Recordings running and now we’re four years strong.

GDE: Are you able to put out enough vinyl on Selador, or at least as much as you like?

Dave Seaman: It’s a little bit difficult and pretty technical, it really starts by finding a distributor that will do only vinyl. Nowadays a distributor will want to do both digital and vinyl. So trying to find one that would do all vinyl can be quite difficult. It’s a little roadblock, but I really want to put out more vinyl.

GDE: Who are some of the up & coming artists coming out of Selador?

Dave Seaman: The next release we have coming out is by a Berliner, Justin Massei, he’s released on our label before and is delivering an EP with remixes by Ruede Hagelstein. AFFKT is another artist I really enjoy. Actually a lot people we have putting out music on Selador are already pretty established like Habischman and Ruede Hagelstein. We’ve got a lot of releases already lined up from artists that already have a firm establishment in the industry.

GDE: With all these years you clocked in as a dance music renaissance man, what’s your take or advice to bedroom producers or to those trying to break into the spotlight?

Dave Seaman: Wow, its so tough to get a break you know? So many people want to do it and there’s really less space. The record industry isn’t as big as it used to be and there’s less clubs. You definitely need the social and people skills to network yourself out there. It’s so important. There’s social media out there now and I know that’s also important to what we do, but there’s nothing like meeting a person face-to-face. Take this for instance, if I’m getting loads of emails a day, I’ve only got so much time before another load comes in. So really, I’m just picking or going to ones I already know because I’ve already developed the relationship. I’d rather work with them than someone that I don’t know. You’ve really got to cultivate relationships, get yourself out there, hit the clubs, link up with those DJs, find out exactly what part of industry you’re best fit with if that’s what you really want to do. You’ll eventually find yourself in the right circles if your social skills are up to it.

GDE: When did you cultivate a relationship with Desert Hearts?

Dave Seaman: Well I put out a remix of a Desert Hearts track and that’s how it all started really. We linked up after that and later on down the road they told me they saved a spot for me at their festival. I’ve only just arrived, but everything looks like a good time. A mini Burning Man really, wait another 48 hours and ask me how I’m feeling.

GDE: Can’t wait for your set and thanks for taking the time to chat with me

Dave Seaman: Good to meet you man, it’s gonna be a good time.

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