A joke on TMZ is one thing; an official comment on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show is another. Today, Axwell of Swedish House Mafia announced that there is a strong possibility of the three coming together once again. After the world premiere of his new track with Ingrosso, he says the following:

“We think about it every now and then, you know what we left, what we did, what we accomplished and everything, and how it would be to do something together again. But I think, the only thing is that time will tell pretty much. We have been blessed to be riding this wave, and just ahead of the wave for some time now, so you know we are able to do exactly what we want, which is a blessing. You know this song that we just played, it was just like no thoughts, no need, no nothing, just music. Who knows what happens in the future, we might get a sudden urge for Swedish House Mafia again… who knows!”

Now would be a bit soon for the three to make a return and not have cynical minds questioning whether it was a publicity stunt to disband, but the creative and natural impulses of artists like these are unpredictable; if the three get along to the point of a spontaneous studio session, why wait to release its?

Listen to Axwell and Ingrosso’s World First below.

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