CRSSD Festival caught the attention of thousands of house lovers after dropping yet another amazing 2-day lineup consisting of Cirez D, Chet Faker, Green Velvet, Loco Dice, Tale Of Us, Gorgon City, and many others. With the aim of creating an unique experience along the sunny shores of San Diego, promoters are aiming to distinguish themselves a part from other festival experiences by enforcing a strict image and list of items you’re going to want to leave at home before you head over to CRSSD.

“Rave attire: No furry boots. No pacifiers. Some kandi is OK, but anything overboard will be turned away. Please use your judgement – this is a festival, not a rave.”

The festival is prohibiting attendees from showing up in their usual ‘rave’ attire, which includes the banning of kandi, totems, and LED accessories. In addition to these restrictions, pasties and most clothing that does not cover up certain parts of the body (thongs, mankinis, and full nudity) are a no-no at CRSSD. Before you go and flip a desk over these prohibitions, please keep in mind that this is the first festival of its kind grounded in the busy streets of San Diego, and the folks over at CRSSD are trying to capture a certain image that will be forever remembered in one of the busiest, dance music-crazed neighborhoods.

CRSSD Fest also stated there will be no cigarettes allowed in the venue. Here’s a comment we took from CRSSD’s official Facebook page back in October 2015 explaining why the ban on cigs & more.

County park rules. No smoking. While March had a smoking area, it was NOT respected- at all. Following park rules, no cigarettes, e-cigs, vapes allowed at entry! CRSSD continues by adding – It has always been a County Park rule. They bent it, and it was broken. Litter very much being a part of that. Frankly, a small price to pay in the face of our scenic venue. Keeping it clean/respected and usable for the future is paramount.

For more info on what you can and cannot bring into the festival, Click Here.


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