Armin Van Buuren decided to try something different at Tomorrowland when playing his latest track “This is a Test;” he decided to break the music up and “test” each aspect of the Mainstage with the help of his ASOT narrator, Jack. We’d like to think most people found it to be a refreshing alternative to the several sing-alongs or hands in the air moments during most breakdowns.

Sadly, not everybody seemed to find it amusing. Like clockwork, deadmau5’s Twitter stream of consciousness flipped to childish attacks again. The target this time was Armin Van Buuren and the big bad beast that is Mainstage Dance Music:

This tantrum shouldn’t come as a surprise, even when considering the two producers tried to collaborate together and were on presumably good terms. Whatever the case, we thought it was pretty cool. There are plenty of ways to start a legitimate conversation about what shakes things up in a set and what doesn’t innovate at all. Crying that “Fucking EDM fucking sucks” …isn’t the way.

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