Back in 2018, Rezz teased us with a collab she was going to do with deadmau5 – Rezzmau5. Three years later, she announced that they were finally ready to finish that collaboration. Fantastic news all around!

Last night, two new previews were shared and we are stoked. The clips are perfect mixes of both DJs. There are some heaviness and melodies that meld together in an awesome way.

The first track is more of a house track that highlights deadmau5 and his style. The second track leans more towards the eclectic heavy tones of Rezz. With each track, though you can still hear that both DJs are involved, and we are guessing that that is something that will carry through the collaboration.

We don’t have any more details on when the collab will be finished when it’ll be released, or if we’ll get any more previews along the way. Until then, this will hold us over, and hopefully, we’ll get to hear more soon!

Take a listen to the previews below and let us know what you think. What are your predictions on what the rest will sound like!?

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