Deadmau5 and his cube are such a package deal that a set without it in front of him may disorient his audience. The second version of his innovative stage design made waves when he played “lots of shows in a row on tour, but the question of a small club ready cube may have lurked in the back of his head for a while. Today sees a solution, with a new, compact alternative to the concrete behemoth and entitled, simply, “other cube.”

Thanks to this, that smaller venue that’s much closer than the NOS can get a slice of the action that everyone at Countdown was able to witness. According to the mau5, the cube is roughly 64% smaller than the original. The picture shows it scaled next to some equipment in the background and by comparison, this modest version of Deadmau5’s famous LED structure will still pack quite a visual punch. A fitting gift for the cube’s 8th birthday can’t get any better than a little sibling. Look out for a possible new string of announcements.

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