Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman is set to go into hibernation as soon as he’s finished with his Australian tour and Countdown NYE performance. By hibernation, of course, we mean tweaking the thousands of hard and soft knobs in his studio to produce another album. Zimmerman confirmed via twitter replies that he was road testing an “acid tune” to possibly include in his next album release. In a separate message, he verified that a couple of his IDs “close” and “monophobia” are also set to be on this body of work.

As the title of his tour suggests, Deadmau5 has played lots of shows in a row. During that time, he’s cleverly snuck in more than a few IDs in addition to the ones referenced above in his sets around the world. We have a good feeling that the Spring (or Summer, depending on planned release dates) will be a great one for mau5 fans who want the full quality files of these IDs pumping out of their speakers.

Stay tuned for more info and cross your fingers for preemptive previews or live streams.

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