Not only did we enjoy the clever name of Youtube user CierezSD, but we also were relieved that they were able to catch a full 73 minutes of Eric Prydz’s packed set at this weekend’s Escape Psycho Circus. As you watch endless lasers cut across a sea of totems, your ears will duly thank you for being treated to Prydz’s own sea of new IDs; namely the two brand spanking new tracks he intro’s with. In-between his Cirez D remix of ‘Pale Green Ghosts’ and his Pryda production ‘Stay With Me,’ he brought in other illustrious unreleased tunes premiered at Hi Ibiza and Marquee Las Vegas. Make no mistake…a 4th trip to see Eric Prydz over a DJ you’ve never seen at a festival will always be a worthwhile experience.

Check the full set in HD below.

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