Has the biggest mystery in the EDM world finally get solved? Ever since he stepped onto the festival scene theories have been floated around as to who is underneath the iconic Marshmello helmet. His stunt at the end of his set EDC Vegas where he unmasked himself as “Tiesto” threw his fan and all conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. Well, today an Instagram post from the official Marshmello account showed a cloudy picture of what appears to be Marshmello himself without his signature helmet. The picture was immediately taken down, but with the amount of effort already put in to keep his identity secret cast doubt on how much of an accident this post was. Whoever the man is behind the mask it’s obvious that he knows how to tantalize his fan base and keep everyone guessing as some believe its one-half of the Bixel Boys. Is it or is it not? YOU be the judge!


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 1.39.16 AM

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