UPDATE: It was only a matter of time before Deadmau5 chimed in on the whole Marshmello/Tiesto thing but of course Marshmello had to bite back or throw maxi pads, whatever. Whos right here? YOU be the judge!

OMFG!!! Tiesto is Marshmello! … is what i read all across Twitter after Marshmello finished his set at EDC Las Vegas 2016 but right before he left the stage he got on the mic and told the crowd, “Im gonna take off my helmet in 3..2..1”. Come to our surprise trance legend Tiesto was the one under the helmet and people freaked the f*ck out. Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc blew up with pictures of Tiesto in all white holding the Marshmello helmet.

Now before you get all excited let us tell you why this is BS. First off, Tiesto is Dutch and has a really noticeable heavy accent so when Marshmellow went on the mic he did not have a heavy accent. Second, many fans are claiming Marshmello jumped down from the decks and Tiesto stood up in his place. So, yes. Tiesto and Marshmello just trolled the entire EDC crowd and EDM world.





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  1. lesley

    I am really loving all of marshmello’s songs I’m a big fan dude I am ordering your helmet soon love your DJ skills. 🙂


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