When we see yellow jackets, we may not have the fondest feelings come to mind; security at any festival can mean the aspect of your experience that takes you out of the fantasy world you’ve waited so long for. Regardless of the annoying experience we may have had, we can all agree that these are human beings who should be paid for their work. Local news reports that right now, this is not the case. Bellator Security, a Vegas-based company that handled EDC’s security this year, has not given payment for the many guards it hired for the three-day experience. Local news reports some are planning to file a lawsuit, especially considering the wages needed for basic expenses have not been paid and are causing serious issues.


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  1. Knowstherealstory

    It was a private company. Insomniac has no say in their wrong doings. Stop bating people. All of staff pro was paid. There were multiple staffing companies involved with security this yer. This one sucked and also conned people out of money for coachella security and workers. Maybe next time people shouldn’t believe some dude in all the rave groups on fb, asking for people to come work the festivals. He’s a con artist. And those people got conned. Pure and simple. I hope they sue. But they won’t get anything from insomniac. Just this privately owned company. That will probably disappear.


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