What Would Diplo Do is exactly what you think it is, and the new Viceland Show’s approach is something we all should have expected. The new show was inspired by an ambitious advertisement for the super producer’s Mad Decent Block Party. Starring Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek, the video exaggerated Diplo’s lavish lifestyle and made Viceland so excited, the decided to pick up the idea and create a brand new scripted series. Diplo says himself in an interview with Rolling Stone that the show is a characterization of his Twitter persona, which he admits can get be a bit overdramatic at times.

“This show isn’t a reflection of myself,” says Diplo, responding to questions over email. “It’s more of a reflection of my Twitter persona, which was always a joke. In the past few years, I left it alone because I didn’t think people understood the joke and took all my sarcasm seriously, so it wasn’t worth defending myself. But for a while it was pretty golden and this is a sort of social commentary on the social media and the EDM age.”

The international superstar says he views the show as a satire on EDM as a whole, with episodes in the series poking more fun at him than anything else. With Van Der Beek poised to step in to Diplo’s shoes for a whole season of shorts, the latter artist is going to experience looking in the funny mirror for a while. Better still, loads of other DJs(like Calvin Harris who calls Van Der Beek Diplo a “righteous dick”) will step in for some cameos.

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