Denver, Colorado is getting a new music festival next year! The city just signed a 5-year contract with Superfly Productions for a brand new 3-day music festival. There is currently no name for the festival yet but it will be located at Overland Park Gold Course, either the second or third weekend in September each year.

The city council voted 10-3 to approve the festival and it’s expected to draw 30,000 to 40,000 attendees in the first year and will grow and cap to 80,000 in the years after.

City Council member Jolon Clark has high hopes for the festival and a set plan. The contract includes safety and revenue provisions for the neighborhood and city, yet Councilman Kevin Flynn, has opposing views and believes “-in my gut, it seems like the wrong location to me.”

All in all, the festival is expected to bring $2 million in product once the festival grows to the size of about 70,000 and Superfly will pay a lead of $200,000 per year for the five weeks following Labor Day. This allows easy set-up and tear-down of the fest.

The city will add a 10 percent seat tax on ticket buyers and other considerations including $2 per ticket for a golf fund, and $1 per ticket for a community fund. This community fund is expected to net “five to six figures” each year, promoters say. If you’re thinking about how messed up a golf course will get after a music festival, Superfly will be responsible for restoring the turf and all other parts of the golf course.

The expected date for the festival is September 2018!

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