In March, Diplo talked about objective reasons as to why his widely successful Jack Ü project with Skrillex was not going to work out for a while. He detailed that he doesn’t want to work with major labels, and it is difficult to continue on his path because Skrillex is signed to Atlantic. Despite this being enough reason for many, some wondered if there was any sort of personal or artistic reason behind Diplo leaving the duo in favor of other work.

We got our answer this week in the same interview the super producer did with GQ in which he talked about Rihanna’s sick-but-slightly-hypocritical (see “This Is What You Came For”) “I don’t do House Music” comment. “It’s something we talked about over the last year,” he says. “Jack Ü was awesome, but it was very young. I want to do something that feels more my age. ”

If you’re getting your fingers ready to text fire and fury over this quote, we’d advise taking a different look at the statement. In saying the project is young, he isn’t saying youthful vibes in that music or the visual experience paired with it are bad. Jack Ü made moves because their general theme of bright, high energy productions and cheeky lyrics in the songs (whether they’re sung about love or rapped about Febreeze) was made to appeal to the fun loving teenagers in all of us.

Saying goodbye to the project for a bit is probably just his way of departing from having too much of a good thing. It’s likely that the music he plans to make with Mark Ronson will take on more mature themes that may not be appropriate for a giant crowd of people who just want to jump and frolic around. The producer hints to a body of work that is heavily Disco inspired. Considering the target audience, this could evolve into more of an intimate experience, which would paint him in a whole new light.

Check out the full interview, including Diplo’s exciting trip to Africa for musical inspiration and touring, on GQ Style.

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