Innovative artist, WooliebuGGer, is pushing the envelope of ambient, IDM production in his lengthy ‘Constant Evolution’ parts 1 and 2 that are now available for free on his bandcamp. The prolific producer from Aurora Illinois is like a sponge, soaking up energy and influence that he later guides in his studio. He’s been a producer and creating music at the young age of 14-years-old and has connected with groups of like-minded producers and artists that have lent their own experiences into WooliebuGGEr’s craft. From there, he took full advantage of samples and synthesizers that he would tinker and play with in the studio and produce years of work that include styles of minimal, ambient, glitch, and other explorative IDM elements.

“I am inspired everyday by the idea of what can be accomplished.” – WooliebuGGer

Creativity is infinite, and that’s exactly what you can expect from WooliebuGGer’s ‘Constant Evolution’ parts 1 & 2 down below. The 12-minute long production opens the airwaves with a lengthy synth that is eventually accompanied by a dancey, four-to-the-floor bassline to get the body moving and groovy. The synth begins to create sounds of distortion and a sort of glitch-house production begins to ensue. Part 1 is full of this type of dance music style, while in part 2, WooliebuGGer takes a chill, downtempo path to ease us out of the journey. In a much more laid-back fashion, WooliebuGGer focuses on an ambient soundscape and more attention to crisp percussion as your mind flows carelessly out of the dance and into a more meaningful depth of the project.

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