There’s no doubt that Live Nation felt a huge public issue after the outcome of last year’s HARD Summer; three fatalities were reported, a greater number than normal for the festival. The parents of one of the victims, Roxane Ngo, just filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly overselling the event. The event drew 147,000 attendees to the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, which heated up to over 90-degree heat that weekend. The family’s attorney Lee Sherman argues that Live Nation should have been better prepared for overdose-related injuries, especially as temperatures climbed to 90 degrees that day. The lawsuit accuses Live Nation of failing to have an adequate police and security presence at the event and argues that the event’s four medical tents were insufficient for the 147,000 people in attendance.  Though plenty of events reach that temperature or higher, the family’s attorney Lee Sherman is also claiming in the suit that not enough water was sold at the event to hydrate those in attendance.

Live Nation “oversold the event and created an atmosphere that was over attended, overcrowded and dangerous,” the lawsuit alleges, arguing organizers “put profits ahead of the safety of the HARD fest attendees including Roxanne Ngo.” The lawsuit also alleges Live Nation failed to provide enough drinking water for the event. A spokesperson for Live Nation told Billboard the company does not comment on ongoing lawsuits.

Considering the circumstances of the event with two other fatalities, the family may have a case. Do YOU feel like Live Nation/HARD Summer are responsible for her death? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @GlobalDanceElec.

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    EDC plays in vegas on a speedway mid june. It is definitely the party throwers that make it livable. Hard is know for have terrible conditions to rave in.


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