Some may assume that brothers Howard and Guy from Disclosure spent time off for the better part of the last two years. After releasing revolutionary music in the Dance Music sphere by way of several singles and a couple of diverse albums, they’d certainly deserve it. However, a recent interview with Triple J reveals the two were diligently working in the studio. Get this: the two were working on not one, not 20, but more than 100 songs. “We’ve been working on this music for two years now, Howard says about the project. This follows production duties for Khalid’s hit “Talk” back in March and a handful of singles last year that made up the ‘Moonlight’ EP that had every single Disclosure fan asking when’s the album dropping? Not even the duo know themselves when a new album will bestowed upon the dance music world.

“We’re getting to a point we’re almost happy but we’ve been at that ‘almost’ stage for a while.”The next job for these two is deciding which of the written songs to polish up. As easy as it may sound with so much completed work, it’s sure to be a sonic masterpiece.

Hopefully, we see a new single by the end of Summer or early Fall cause we’re dying out here for something new from the boys. Something tells us 2020 is going to be another huge year for Disclosure.


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