Disclosure popping out two new IDs overnight is enough to take a hard left from whatever you’re doing that minute. The first of the tracks, Moonlight, contains silky smooth vocal samples, coupled with a bassline that would make your bedroom producer friend go bonkers. Where Angels fear to Tread, samples old school vocals and layers in a classic mix of the duo’s unique instrumentation. If this is a sign to look out for a full package down the line, we like it.

“Moonlight was written and arranged at Guy’s house, sampling Swedish acapella group ‘The Real Group’s’ cover of the classic ‘When I Fall In Love,’” stated a press release from the duo. “We wanted to bring some Disclosure deep house chords and bass-lines to the forefront…”

“Where Angels Fear To Tread” was released exactly 24 hours later. This song uses another sample from a different popular song from the 1940s, “Fools Rush In.” The song has a more jazzy feel to it with a more pronounced use of vocals than “Moonlight,” with a significantly more whimsical vibe.

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