Disclosure either forgot to press the button a couple of nights ago, or they’re trying to tell us something in a sly fashion. Either way, we’re thrilled that they shared not one but two more brand new songs with us on top of the other two they released earlier in the week. ‘Love Can Be So Hard’ continues the trend of blissful house music with strong sampling techniques, and it seems to have the same image as the others. The other track ‘Funky Sensation” marks the fourth new track from them this week. This track is a straight disco/funko throwback, a flip of producer Alkalino‘s take on Gwen McCrae‘s original single of the same name. Disclosure give the flip a house bounce, with percussion and sample work straight out of the 1980s.

At this point we have to assume this is part of an EP that may look like the art here, but anything other than a theatrical reveal would disappoint us.

Look out for some exciting news from the boys sooner than later. Listen to the other two tracks “Moonlight” and “Where Angels Fear To Tread” Here

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