London-based sonic astronaut, Cerpintxt, is making heatwaves with her newest EP, microtubule encoded memory. It dives into the drone world of ominous tones and senses that produce a eery darkness. The perfect soundtrack to an Unreal Engine horror video game, Cerpintxt’s skin-crawling productions will make just about anyone’s hair raise. The self-titled opening track clocks in just over 17 minutes leaving listeners not know whether to continue to put their psyche through these dark sonic waves. Interestingly enough, Cerpintxt’s second track is only released on in the EP’s physical cassette release. Leaving us with only a second track for digital release, dweller in the eye, continues the theme of haunting audio abyss with chopped up 1950s radio-like vocal mantras from Cerpintxt herself.

“Microtubule encoded memory is a longform study in systematic harmonic erosion, materialised within a wall of cascading and spectrally smeared vocal layers, retrograding guitar pulses and speech-driven composition. A corrosive vocal terrain that is the backdrop against which skeletal frequency swells flicker. The cyclical narrative bleeds into an exploration of phonetic entropy mechanisms of auto-composition; voices without bodies reflecting off each other like a recurring dream.”

Her music intersects with curated event, Boundary Condition, an audiovisual experience pushing the forefront of dark jazz and hauntology. Her collection of work and featured artists provide the community a haven for the rabidly sentimental. Augmented instrumentation and distorted vocals provide a refreshing texture to the world of IDM.

Microtubule Encoded Memory is slated to be released September 18th. Check out her discography down below!

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