Carrying the torch for what she’s calling yacht pop is Canadian singer and songwriter, Mel Monaco. Her new single Love Tides sets a standard for her fresh take on RnB, Jazz, Soul and Funk. If Carpe Diem had a soundtrack, Mel Monaco embodies it on a daily basis. Firing on all cylinders, Love Tides is care-free and shows love year-round. It’s a contagious funky feeling that you never want to end.

“Love Tides is all about embracing the summer sunshine and celebrating love! With so much going on in the world, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that life is beautiful and we have so much to rejoice in, especially when you’re on a boat! We’ve been digging our sound lately, and we like to call it yacht pop! If you aren’t on a boat, music stylings from Mel Monaco sure make you groove like you are. Love Tides is a reflection of where Mel Monaco is right now, living in the moment and showing gratitude for every opportunity and experience in life”.

Mel Monaco’s recent accolades include the recipient of the St. Catherines Emerging Artist Award in 2019. With nearly 10 years in the music industry, many have described her as an uplifting energy and light in the biz. She finds inspirations through traveling the world and sharing the stage with prominent artists such as Blue Days. Keep your eye out for Mel Monaco folks, she’s going places.

Check out Love Tides down below!

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