Incoming October 9th, 2023 is Brooklyn-based electronic music producer, Kaiwei. Reprocessor is a collection of work experimented by Kaiwei. He dives into the blended subgenres of glitch, industrial, ambient and progressive dance music creating a sound entirely authentic to himself. The album itself showcases Kaiwei’s ability to tinker with various production styles using only the raw recordings collected from the album. A unique collection of sound designs that evoke a distorted dystopic conundrum. Live instrumentation collected by Luisa Bressan, Neeladri Ghosh, Nicholas Saia, Ethan Cohn, Brian Marsella were used throughout Reprocessor as Kaiwei dissected, chopped and distorted into sonic oblivion.

“Reprocessor is a sonic documentation and “musicalization” of Covid19 era found sounds, with songs composed between 2020-2022. In lieu of conventional “reworking” (in pharmaceutical manufacturing terminology entails altering processing strategies/combining additional elements to yield varying results) of source materials, over 2 hours in length of raw recordings are repetitively reinforced, dissected and extracted for expressive sonic events.”

Stretching the boundaries of experimental music, Reprocessor serves a pivotal role for Kaiwei’s musical exploration. Combining the seemingly unlimited options of music production allows Kaiwai to create textural sound designs unique to himself. It’s a standout album that is sure to be on every industrial, glitch, and IDM playlist when the album drops October 9th.

In the meantime, check out his Spotify down below!

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