n her way aboard Holy Ship, DJ Gina Turner’s experience took a turn for the worse when she was arrested for two counts possession. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office discovered cocaine and un-prescribed, controlled substances were on the DJ’s person. She was taken into custody at 5:17 local time, being booked in jail at 8.

Even though the DJ was booked to play the party herself, she would need to get bailed out. Her bail is currently set at $15k. The last update from the artists’ Twitter account promoted her and Mija’s surprise DNB set onboard the ship…this tweet sent out yesterday. More updates could either come from her or her management, canceling the set. Stay tuned for more news.

Gina Turner recently went on Twitter, in a now-deleted Tweet, claiming, “The two controlled substances I had were both marijuana + I have a medical card.”

“The other charge is COMPLETELY false. A false positive reading on a natural vitamin.”

She also went to Instagram a few moments ago to discuss what happened.

Laidback Luke (who is now her ex-husband) also had the time to Tweet about the current situation with Gina, here’s what he had to say.

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